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It is life-changing when a mission experience goes beyond mission. It is life-changing when youth are challenged to move beyond feeling warm and fuzzy about helping others and begin to explore how to spend a lifetime changing the system which causes poverty. 

It is life-changing when youth begin to recognize that racism, sexism, and all the other “isms” are more than attitudes and that those “isms” have provoked real actions which have left many of God’s children marginalized and disadvantaged. 

It is life-changing when youth begin to understand that they have power to make an impact with their votes, through their career choices, and with how they spend their money.

We will provide a week that goes beyond a week of mission. We will equip youth with the biblical, theological, and social tools to make justice a way of life. 

We’ll do real work in communities with real need. We’ll talk to real people who work in social service, public policy, and education. And we’ll talk about what it means to be partners in bringing about the realm of God through the teachings of Jesus.  

We’ll talk inclusively.
We’ll welcome everyone. 

And if the experience is life-changing,
our youth will grow into adults who will change lives.

Our Focus

At Reach Beyond Mission our focus is on learning.

We provide a challenging and meaningful short-term mission experience.

Youth  will begin to learn how to make a long-term difference.

Reach Beyond Mission 
is a 501(c)(3) 
affiliated ministry of the 
National Benevolent Association



Reach Beyond Mission
15907 Braesgate Drive
Austin, Texas 78717


Reach beyond an ordinary mission trip!

Everyone is welcome!


2017 DATES



What We Do

At Reach Beyond Mission we do all the planning! Your youth will join youth from other churches across the country to explore issues of culture, gender, and poverty in an urban setting. Youth will have the opportunity to volunteer at numerous metropolitan area non-profits working with the homeless, low-income families, children, people with disabilities and the elderly. We will provide speakers, age-appropriate activities, and discussion starters to help young people explore the biblical, theological, economic, social, and political issues related to poverty. We'll provide food and a place to stay, along with three or four trained young adults who will serve as hosts, coordinators, and mentors to your youth.

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