About Us

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A Reach Beyond Mission Trip is a Vision Trip!

It is an important experience for youth to work and serve others, but we believe it is more important for youth to learn about root causes and systemic issues so that they may go back to their communities with a vision to serve and work for justice beyond the mission trip week. 

A Reach Beyond Mission vision-focused week includes direct service, indirect service, relational ministry, immersion experiences, and education. Youth will talk with community leaders & organizers, ministers & social workers, public policy makers & legislators, and professors & advocates. Youth hear personal stories shared by guest speakers, and learn through fun but challenging simulations and activities. Most importantly, Reach Beyond Mission is committed to being a safe space to ask questions, deal with complex issues, and find encouragement within community.

A Reach Beyond Mission week is built upon:

  • Substantive age-appropriate justice education which is our primary focus

  • Service with organizations that work with the whole person and/or advocate to address systemic issues

  • Progressive theology

  • A biblically based small group curriculum that offers a foundation for social justice 

  • An open and affirming community 

  • Easy planning for youth leaders so that youth leaders are free to work alongside youth

It is our hope that our participants will reach beyond the mission week to make charity and justice part of their life-long journey as followers of Jesus.​

Reach Beyond Mission was founded in 2012 and is related to The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and The United Church of Christ.

What does God require of you?

To do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.


Our Mission

Reach Beyond Mission seeks to provide life-changing experiences that equip youth with biblical, theological,

and social tools to do justice.

Our Values

The Teachings of Jesus

Experiential Education

Meaningful Service

Progressive Theology

Extravagant Welcome

Celebrating Diversity

Inclusive Language

Knowledgeable Community Leaders

Local Service Partners

Experiences of the Communities We Serve

Addressing Systems that Perpetuate Injustice

Foundational Statement

It is life-changing when a mission experience goes beyond mission.

It is life-changing when youth are challenged to move beyond feeling warm and fuzzy about helping others and begin to explore how to live their lives changing the systems that perpetuate poverty. 

It is life-changing when youth begin to recognize that racism, sexism, and all the other “isms” are more than attitudes and that those “isms” have provoked real actions which have left many of God’s children marginalized and disadvantaged. 

It is life-changing when youth begin to understand that they have power to make an impact with their votes, through their career choices, and with how they spend their money.

We will provide a week that goes beyond a week of mission. We will equip youth with the biblical, theological, and social tools to make justice a way of life. ​

We’ll partner with communities addressing real need. We’ll talk to real people who work in social service, public policy, and education.

And we’ll talk about what it means to be partners in bringing about the realm of God through the teachings of Jesus.  

We’ll talk inclusively. We’ll welcome everyone. And if the experience is life-changing, our youth will grow into adults who will change lives.

Reach Beyond Mission welcomes everyone
regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation